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Why information dissemination?

Since the end of the Korean War, North Koreans have been told by the North Korean government that the country is surrounded by belligerent and hostile states that are intent on harming them and that the North Korean leadership are benevolent, trusted leaders protecting its people. Despite the abysmal state of the North Korean economy and living conditions, the North Korean government is able to maintain this narrative and the status quo through pervasive information and communication controls that oppress their population, shuttering the North Korean people off from accessing outside information.

However, in spite of the government’s excessive censorship, over the past two decades North Koreans’ access to outside information has actually steadily increased. Nowadays, the majority of defectors who escape recall having accessed foreign media while still living in North Korea – despite it being prohibited by the government. North Koreans are actively seeking and sharing foreign information and media, and in doing so, they are fomenting small, yet important, social changes. In this way, the North Korean people are leading change in North Korea.

Our Strategy

As pioneers of information dissemination efforts, NKSC has been sending in hardware and information into North Korea since 2008. This increased access to outside information challenges the North Korean government’s attempt to monopolize information and more crucially, it has changed the ways North Koreans see both the outside world and their own country. Sending in videos, documentaries, newspapers, and radio show recordings provide a compelling, visual insight into personal freedoms, provides North Koreans with more objective and informed views of the world.

NKSC asks you to support our work to catalyze these already occurring and important changes in North Korea. Increased access to information in North Korea will be crucial in fostering increased public consciousness and informed citizenry, which we believe will lead to political empowerment for a free and open North Korea.

Hardware sent into North Korea since 2007.

Since 2007, NKSC has sent in tens of thousands of hardware and memory storage devices.

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Project Operations Cost of the Information Dissemination program.

We run the program in 6 month cycles, with a team spanning South Korea, China and the US.

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Strategy and Projected Impact

Our Information Dissemination efforts target 2 strategic groups in North Korean society. We believe that increasing these groups’ access to information will be a crucial driver of change in North Korean society.

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